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My name is Angeless Watkins-Gallar. I believe that all of what we want is possible. As we grow and learn in that understanding, we can create our true reality. I have learnt more now than ever, to see that we must step out of what is; and step into what you envision as your ideal reality.

That ideal reality can be professional, personal, spiritual or all the above. As your Transformational Life Coach, we will explore these desires from a wholeness perspective, as I did. With that said, I will share what stepping out and stepping into has felt like for me. In 2020, I experienced a series of events that made me want to make changes in both my personal life and career direction, and from those experiences I was determined in becoming a better version of myself.

I was highly motivated in wanting to understand the Why. The Why led to awareness, curiosity, and a deep exploration of self-awareness.

That exploration of myself has led me on a path that continues to amaze me, both on a spiritual soul and growth level. This journey of re-finding myself has helped me realize that a big part of my life’s journey, is to be and always must be, to help others.

Over the last 3 years I have developed the knowledge, skills, abilities, and added my own personal life experiences to share with you as your Mental Health Wellbeing Transformational Life Coach. Through my desire in wanting to understand the Why, my path has led me here. A Certified Mental Health Wellbeing Transformation Life Coach, to help you become a better version of yourself.

I have helped my clients break through the obstacles that are holding them back in life. We can all agree that life’s too short to be unhappy, unsure, or unfulfilled. Let me help you learn and develop better ways to handle the change you desire within your soul. Get in touch today to see what I can do for you. Everyone has the right to talk openly and freely about their Mental Health without fear or judgement.


Is to provide a service where my clients can see the difference made on a holistic soul journey perspective. Seeing that they are already whole and complete, by going within, and taking the necessary steps towards what is being desired.

Be of service to those wanting inner happiness, peace and harmony while helping my client find their own sense of wholeness.

Provide a service that is of: Respect, Honesty, Spirituality, Empathy, Challenge Comfort, Progress, Perseverance, Integrity, Determination, Joy, Success, Self-Love, Reflection, Awareness, Motivation, Intuition, and All Positive Words that stimulate growth of the mind, body, and soul.


Working with Angeless is a real honour!
I started coaching with him because I wanted to see momentum in moving my life forward, and I am certainly so pleased.
A heart felt thank you will never be enough.
E. Brindle

Angeless coached me for the last four weeks, and I can really see the difference in my
perspective, emotions, and mind management.

S. Kan

I wanted to extend a deep thank you! I have been working on the Phoenix visualisation
and amazing things have started to happen.

S. Hepburn

Angeless came into my life to guide me and help me in my confidence and give me
the courage to get out of a very bad situation.
I passed from being a very scared woman to a strong one that can now say “stop.”
G. Cavaliere

I cannot recommend Angeless enough! h has really helped me to ask myself questions that has led
to a confidence in situations I never thought I would have.
A. Baker

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